Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage to relieve
tension, muscle soreness and stress. An aromatherapy massage oil may be used to
enhance effectiveness. Focus on individual needs.  

30 minutes    $35
60 minutes   $ 65         90 minutes

Couples Massage
How’s this for
Treat your significant
other and yourself to luxurious one-hour table massages at the same time, in the
same room, on adjacent tables. Both therapists synchronize their treatments to
begin and end at the same time, under the warm cozy glow of candlelight and
soothing music. Significant other not available? Then make it a bonding
experience… bring your best friend or your mom, sister, daughter, or other
family member. Since when did you ever need an excuse to relax with
someone close to you?   
60 minutes
$125 (per couple) 

Hot Stone Massage
This unique indulgence is
exploding in popularity, and once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know why! The
penetrating warmth of water-heated and oiled basalt stones of varying sizes
applied to key points on the body offer a deeper and more relaxing massage,
along with a special sensations of comfort and warmth. (
available with Couples Massage)   90 minutes   $100

Chair Massage
Leaning forward in a
specially-designed chair with a face-rest. Clothes remain on. The massage
includes back, neck, shoulders arms and hands. Great for those on the run who
want quick relief from stress and strain! 

  $1 per minute

Foot Reflexology Massage
This is more than a foot
massage. Reflex points on the feet which correlate to other parts of the body
are stimulated to help the body balance and heal itself. Reflexology has been
known to assist in healing an array of illnesses. This treatment may include a
natural handmade sugar scrub, aromatherapy spray and aromatherapy foot lotion.
30 minutes     $35
60 minutes    $65

Become a regular client and pay
only $50 for an hour session. Refer someone and receive 25% off your next visit!


Please call at least 24 hours in advance to book or cancel
your appointment.

ADD $20 (per therapist) for In-home service.




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