Our Poster (18 x 24″) features the above photo with our Logo and Slogan “etched” on the wall.  ($10 plus $2 S&H)

Why Renita Harris? Because she embodies our message. And because we love this photograph!  

Formerly overweight, a physically-abused housewife with two children, living on the south side of Chicago, Renita turned to bodybuilding to change her life. In 1995 she placed second to Monica Brant at the Jan Tana Fitness Classic and one month later won the Team Universe Overall Bodybuilding Championship title, a feat unlikely to be duplicated. A lifelong drug-free athlete, Renita can squat 405 pounds for reps! Now a Chicago police officer, as well as a personal trainer, she still turns heads wherever she goes.  Renita now has her own site: www.renitafitness.com 

(click on pic to see Renita before bodybuilding)  

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