you come to us, please try all those miracle diets, magic
pills, infomercial gimmicks, “30-minute” clubs, aerobics classes, jogging, fads, etc…

you’ll be ready to listen!

Just to see what’s possible,
check out three friends of ours (be sure to check out their sites).

Lisa Person

lisa person- before lisa person

At 190 pounds after 2nd child
Figure competitor

Pics of
Linda Wood-Hoyte at

linda_1 linda_3 linda_6

And the
amazing Renita Harris



     person2 person3 renita03 renita8


Harris, fitness model, Chicago cop, mother of two teens.

surgery, no drugs, no diets, no gimmicks.
Her secret?
and Linda’s secret?  


ALERT: If you see the words “Guaranteed” and “Weight-loss”
in an advertisement, please hold your wallet tight… and run!

Without knowing anything about you,
no one can “guarantee” your results.
here’s what the
“weight-loss” folks won’t
tell you:

fat vs muscle

Five pounds of fat vs. five
pounds of muscle

Muscle is dense and
compact; fat sprawls. Muscle has a desirable shape; fat is shapeless. Muscle is engine; fat
is cargo. Muscle makes you move; fat is dead weight you have to move. Muscle burns calories; fat stores them.
Given the choice your body
would rather have fat. Getting the shape you want means focusing on
increasing muscle tissue.

 Cardio and diets do
just the opposite.

Muscle  has
no   gender!      

No one said this is easy.
But is… fact!

If you have the willingness to learn,
the guts to do hard work, the capacity to think for yourself, and the discipline
to dedicate yourself to a new lifestyle, YOU can make that change. We can
you, but we can’t do it for you. And it’s not for everyone

Everyone wants the
secret. But most won’t recognize the secret even when it’s handed to them.

offer one-on-one personal training -at your health club or, for those who
prefer privacy, at your home or in our fully-equipped, private gym in
Chester Springs. This is a challenging, no-nonsense, results-oriented program,
but it is geared to your abilities.
We’re selective… we only work with
those who are serious. If you smoke, if you’re unwilling to change poor nutritional habits, if you’re
unwilling to put in the necessary effort, we’ll thank you for your interest… and
steer you back to the “guaranteed” and “weight-loss” folks.
Why? Because we
want results too; we want successful clients because your success is our best

CSCS/NSCA/ACE Certified.  Free
consultation. Come watch an actual training session and see for yourself!

610 324-3306

all New Year’s resolutions fail. Please don’t try to go it alone!





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