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   Our MoDa program came about when a soccer-mom told us recently that her daughter, who’d attempted to build up her strength in the school gym during the off-season, had received so much negative feedback from the boys in the gym(after all, this was their turf!) that she actually quit! This occurs far more often than one would suspect, and the bottom line is that girls receive very little encouragement to build strength. And they’re at a very vulnerable stage of life, often being insecure about themselves physically and almost completely controlled by peer pressure. Ironically, the boys who steer them away from physical self-improvement are just as insecure (dealing with their own manhood issues), and threatened by the potential physical superiority of girls, deride them as “butch,” or “tomboy” etc..

Sad to say, parents don’t always set the best example. Many moms, constrained by a hectic schedule of work, housekeeping (and just being moms!), are in terrible physical condition -if you doubt this, ask how many moms you know can do even five pushups! While time, money and energy may or may not be an issue, the main obstacle is motivation. The MoDa approach addresses this by a mutually-reinforcing scenario:


Mom spends quality time with daughter, bonding in an activity which challenges both of them

Mom sets an example and supports daughter’s effort

Daughter supports and challenges mom to push herself

Both emerge stronger, healthier, both physically and in self-esteem

Nutrition and other lifestyle habits receive more attention

The changes are so noticeable that they arouse curiosity and interest

Other moms and daughters join in for greater energy, inspiration and fun

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We’ll work with you here or in your home one or two times a week, reinforcing proper techniques, training principles and nutrition.  The rest is up to you. What you learn here you’ll also do on your own at home or in other gyms. Yes, there ishomework! This is not just a class… this is a lifestyle change.  Space is limited… we’re selective, so please don’t even think about applying to the MoDa program unless you’re serious and committed to change! For more details, please contact us.

   e-mail           phone: 610 324-3306

     Don’t get discouraged… get MoDa!

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Tina, Amanda and Heather show off the results of six months of MoDa training at the PhillyFIT Bash, May 2007

You can read the PhillyFIT article about them here:  Greater Expectations; the MoDa Experiment

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