An organized effort to inspire, educate and promote physical development and a healthier lifestyle at an early age to all girls, especially those who are not “natural athletes.” It’s been proven that girls who participate in athletics (aka “gamma girls”) are not only healthier, but far more likely to be better adjusted mentally, psychologically and socially than those who don’t.

 teamvalk2                                                We already have organized sports for girls. Why do we need this?     

We’ve also had TITLE IX since 1972, but until recently, you’d have never known it. The reality is that despite tremendous progress since then, females still have a lot of catching up to do in the realm of physical advancement. Even with the monumental impact of stars like Mia Hamm and the Williams sisters, TITLE IX is still actively opposed by many (NEWSWEEK columnist George Will called it a “train-wreck!”), resources for female sports are comparatively miniscule (professional women’s leagues like WUSA have folded, and the WNBA is on life-support!), and women are still discouraged from surpassing an “acceptable” level of athleticism and physical development.  Much of this comes from centuries of societal repression and antiquated notions about “femininity.” Remember when athletic girls were derided as “tomboys?” If we can inspire, educate and support the young, we can lift them past these barriers.                                          

How do you propose to do that? 

We can inspire by offering more visibility and access to relatively unknown role models (both old and young), “larger-than-life” images through various media, and other opportunities for wider exposure.


We’ve organized events (see TEAM VALKYRIES FITNESS CHALLENGE) and demonstrations which show what physical feats females (of all ages) are capable of accomplishing. In conjunction with PHILLYFIT Magazine we created the PHILLYFIT GAMMA GIRL, to recognize extraordinary athletic/scholastic effort combined with outstanding character.  Most recently, we’re working on a program called MoDa -MothersDaughters… it turns out that a surprising number of moms are in terrible physical condition (how many do you know who can do even five decent pushups?) and can be inspired and inspire their daughters by training alongside them.      

Our focus is not on games and scores, but on the awareness of physical advancement potential beyond the “norm,” a realization that the only limits are those she has chosen for herself.  We seek to promote healthy lifestyles, habits and attitudes. 

teamvalk7With our website, we hope to provide a conduit to educational resources and an interface for young female athletes, their coaches and their parents. We’d like to see much of the input for this site come from the girls themselves… perhaps evolving into an on-line magazine.

What about these tee-shirt designs? They look kinda, uh… muscular! 

Again, we offer “larger-than-life-super-heroine” images to inspire girls to push to heights of physical achievement their moms never knew.


 Think about it… boys have had all sorts of  “super-hero” action-figures for decades!  Until recently, how many credible action-figures have girls had? And why do you think the TV show “Xena” was such a smash with females of all ages? By the way, take a look… muscle has no gender!


But I’m “not comfortable” with all this… I disapprove of girls being so… physical! 

You’re part of the problem. If you doubt this, here’s a reality check: ask yourself what kind of example you’re setting. Can you do even five real pushups? Can you keep up with your kids physically? What kind of food’s in your kitchen? Are you proud of the way you look in a swimsuit? Lead, follow…or get out of the way!


Click here and take a moment to read this short piece written by John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Are you actively fighting this health crisis (as we are) or are you contributing to it? 



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