Want to win over $1000? Your team has to get past these little girls!TVFC11

The 2005 TVFC Champs- Metzler’s Gymnastics Team  

soccer, softball, hockey, lacrosse, cheerleading, basketball, tennis, rugby, swimming, track, gymanstics… who are the fittest? 

Find out at the 4th Annual


Grand Prize is $1000 

 Kimberton Community Fair  25-30 JULY 2005

Open to all girl’s sports teams


See reverse for Official Rules



The events in this competition are designed to inspire physical effort on as level a playing field as possible for all girls, regardless of “natural athletic ability.” There is no emphasis on a particular sport, special skills, speed, balance or coordination. All the events are simple exercises known to all of us since childhood, and capable of being practiced anywhere: the push-up, the sit-up and the deep knee-bend. Thus if a girl is weak in one event, she can make up for it by being better in another. That being said, the correct performance of each repetition will be strictly judged; incorrectly-performed repetitions will not be counted. You will be advised of violations as they occur. Judges decisions are final, and disputes may lead to disqualification. Please read these instructions carefully and check the site for updates and more detailed information.

PUSH-UP (2 minutes) :  Once you begin, only your feet and hands can touch the floor. If any other part of you other than hands or feet touches the floor, the event is ended. Your body must be kept straight- no excessive sagging or arching. You must lower yourself until your upper arms are at least parallel to the floor. At top position, your arms must be straight.

SIT-UP (2 minutes):  Hands behind neck, knees bent. Upper body must come up to at least a vertical position.  At bottom position, shoulder-blades must touch the floor. A teammate will kneel on either side of your ankles and hold them.

DEEP KNEE-BEND (2 minutes):  Arms must be kept folded or hands on must stay on hips. You must lower your body at least until your upper legs are parallel to floor (you may go lower if you wish), and you must come up to an erect position.

This is a TEAM event. A team must have a minimum of five girls, but there is no upper limit. Your team may be from your school or league (club) sports team.  Your team total score will be the total of all your individual scores divided by the number of team members.

Your team must be in uniform for the event. Teams not in uniform will not be permitted to compete.  If your game-uniforms are not available/appropriate, your team should be in some sort of appropriate matching outfits. Since we’re judging the degree of straightness and flexion of elbow (pushups) and knee joints (deep knee-bends), all contestants should be in uniforms (eg. shorts and short-sleeved shirts) which are not excessively loose. Remember, one of the purposes of TVFC is to highlight girls’ team sports, so we want you looking like a TEAM.  We’ll also be doing publicity photos of the winning teams afterwards so it’s important that you look your best.

We will provide an 8 x 4′ exercise mat for the push-ups and sit-ups. We encourage you to bring the rest of your team to cheer you on!

Your team must register in order to participate. Registration is free and may be done online at www.teamvalkyries.orgAs slots will be limited to first-come first-served, we recommend you register as soon as possible!

The highest team and individual scores will be posted throughout the event both at the venue and on this site. Prizes will be awarded at the close of the event. You must have your coach or adult representative of your school, team, or league present to receive the prize. The check will be made out to the team’s school or club.

For any questions please e-mail us at or call (610) 827-1150

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