TVFC Rules



This competition is designed to inspire physical effort on as level a playing field as possible for all girls/women, regardless of “natural athletic ability.” There is no emphasis on a particular sport, special skills, speed, balance or coordination. The push-up is a simple exercise known to all of us since childhood and capable of being practiced anywhere.

That being said, the correct performance of each repetition will be strictly judged; incorrectly-performed repetitions will not be counted. We will demonstrate the correct form (and incorrect forms!) for the exercise before your team competes. You will be advised of violations as they occur; incorrectly-performed repetitions will not be counted.

Please review these instructions carefully! For a photographic demonstration of valid exercise form click here.

PUSH-UP (2 minutes) :

Once you begin your repetitions, only your feet and hands may touch the surface. If your knees touch the mat, the event is ended. Your body must be kept straight- no excessive sagging or arching. You must lower yourself until your upper arms are at least parallel to the mat. At the top position, your arms must be straight. You may stop and rest in the top position.

Two minutes is a long time when you’re doing pushups! You’ll probably reach failure before the time is up. Thus we recommend that you don’t try to go too fast, but keep a steady, rhythmical pace. Remember, if you hurry, you’ll get sloppy and you’ll end up wasting valuable energy on incomplete repetitions that won’t be counted.

This is a mother-daughter TEAM event. The team score will be the average of the total repetitions performed by both mother and daughter(s).  Yes, more than one daughter may participate!

Your team must register in order to compete. Registration is free. As slots will be limited to first-come first-served, we recommend you register as soon as you arrive.

Prizes will be awarded at the close of the contest. The winning teams must be present at this time, as we’ll be doing photos for the media and for next year’s contest promotion.  We ask that if possible, you wear matching-color shorts, tees, etc to enhance your team appearance. If you play on a sports team, wear your team jerseys – this is a great way to bring additional glory to your team, club or school!


Click here for a photographic demonstration of valid exercise form

Questions? Suggestions? E-mail us! Click here



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