We’re looking for the next




Is she on your team?

Tell us about her!

Dear Coach,

PhillyFIT Magazine is looking for an extraordinary girl. Perhaps she’s on your team. We feel that if anyone knows her, you do! Will you help us celebrate her in the pages of PhillyFIT?

In a future issue, we plan to recognize another special girl-athlete with photos and a profile. We’ll also visit and photograph her with her entire team!

P.U. Soccer 012

Who is this special girl?

Foremost, she’s a solid athlete; perhaps she’s not your team’s star (and she’s definitely no prima donna) but she’s your hardest-working, most consistent and reliable player.

 She’s never loud or pushy; she leads by example.

 She’s reluctant to take credit, and willing to accept blame.

 She’s always trying to improve herself, but never hesitates to reach out to help others.

 She has the courage to speak up when others won’t, yet she possesses restraint and discretion.

 She has a sense of humor, but never at another’s expense. She respects all of her teammates, regardless of ability or background.

 She doesn’t pursue popularity (and this is not a “popularity contest”), but her personality draws everyone to her.

 Her life’s well-balanced and she’s a parent’s dream – cheerful, academically diligent and personally responsible, with a sensible outlook and a healthy lifestyle.

 If your team has a girl like this, please write and tell us all about her:

 To see previous PhillyFIT GAMMA GIRL pages:







 Testimonials must be e-mailed to us directly from coaches, teachers, administrators, team-mates and anyone else whose observations provide a more complete profile of the candidate. These must be specific and original; bland descriptives like “sweet, nice, wonderful, great, kind, cool, a joy” etc. are of no use. Be detailed in your descriptions. Give us examples and anecdotes showing us why your candidate is unique. The more detail you can provide, the better.  We will use only those excerpts which stand out and say something original.

 We prefer that the candidate is unaware she is being considered/selected, so please request discretion.

 We’ll need a game action-photo or two, as well as an attractive non-athletic photo e-mailed to us.  

 Credentials must not be limited to athletic accomplishments and honors, but should include academic, civic, and others as well.

 Once we’ve selected a candidate, her coach will need to set up a time and place where we can come to do the team photo on the official PHILLYFIT BANNER BLANKET.  At the same time, we’ll do a few team photos on another banner-blanket custom-lettered with your team’s name laid out in 12″ block lettering… these will be yours free for your team to use for a website, yearbook, posters etc:

    P.U. Soccer 004

The entire team must be available and in complete game uniform (to include shoes and socks!) for this.  As both rain and direct sun can hamper photography, we prefer an alternate indoor location like a gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria or lobby.

 Please be sure you can comply with all of these requirements before submitting a candidate!

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